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by Cinse Bonino

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This book will help you to awaken a childlike ability to see in new ways, to make productive connections, and to learn to sift through choices in a faster and more conceptually focused manner. Learn how to be creative on purpose, not just through happy accidents or in mysterious eureka moments. If you are willing to trust the process and yourself, you can learn to use the SEE and DO keys to unlock your creative potential and to let loose your inner creative genius. Includes exercises to help you master the skills presented.

One Key: SEE, One Key: DO is, in itself, a masterpiece of creativity. It removes the mystery and misinformation about creativity and replaces them with understanding and process. Whether you are learning to be more creative or teaching others, reading this fine book will open doors you never knew existed. Martin Cooper

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What have you stepped in? What’s that sticking to the bottom of your sole? More importantly – what’s that icky leftover lodged uncomfortably in your soul? Discover how things that happened in past relationships can stow away and throw everything off when we’re trying to figure out what floats our boat and how to sail forward to our next destination. (January 2018)

This book is designed to help you notice not only what is happening in your relationships, but also why it may be happening. The behavioral approaches suggested are offered as opportunities for you to bravely increase your ability to make the kinds of choices that will help you to learn more about yourself. This self-knowledge will enable you to fine-tune your bullshit detector, whether you are pointing it at yourself or at others. Cinse Bonino

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Everyone gets tempted to allow fear to take charge of their lives when they shouldn’t. If you are ready to kick fear out of the driver’s seat this book can help. Learn how your fear convinces you to put it in charge of making decisions for you. Learn which of fear’s lies are easiest for you to believe. Become familiar with your own particular version of fear. Realize how dwelling on things that happened in the past and worrying about what will or will not happen in the future can convince you to overreact in the present. Discover when to listen to fear and when to realize it’s being a drama queen spouting worst-case scenarios. Develop the courage to kick fear to the curb once you understand that the opposite of failure isn’t success, it’s learning.

How often does fear influence your choices?

How quickly can fear convince you to let it take control?

How well do you understand your particular version of fear?

How skilled are you at using fear as an effective learning tool?

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All book covers are by Mollie Coons

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