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Sessions & Training 

 with Cinse Bonino

one-on-one sessions

training options

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During these private, 1-hour sessions Cinse uses her background in the Psychology of Human Learning and in Mind Brain Education, along with her rich intuitive abilities, to help you explore the circumstances of your life. Not therapy, not life coaching, but rather guidance to help you increase your own awareness.

The goal of these sessions is for you to begin to:

*notice more of what’s happening      around and inside you;

*recognize what is important to you; and

*intentionally choose your actions and communications, both toward yourself and others. 

These 3 skills will help you to better define and create the way you want to be in the world.

PRICING: $100 per hour

sliding scale offered

Session available in person in Burlington, Vermont, or via the virtual platform of your choice.

Why work with Cinse?
"I would not be the person I am today – someone I very much like and am proud to be – were it not for Cinse's very unique brand of guidance and counsel. You absolutely will not meet someone as simultaneously intuitive and knowledgeable about the human experience. She will change your life in profound ways and put you on the path to becoming your best self. Period."

Cinse creates and delivers training workshops as well as more intimate discovery sessions for groups of any size. 


*Creativity & Problem Solving

*Communication & Awareness

*Teaching & Learning

Training can be tailored for your group's specific needs.


1.5, 2, 3, & 4 hours

1, 2, or 3 days


based on duration and group size


learn to:

  • access your neuro-natural creative  abilities

  • think conceptually and connect ideas

  • discover what supports your creative process

  • learn to be part of an effective creative team

  • stop creating knee-jerk auto solution

  • learn to notice your own behaviors

  • use boundaries to show where you won't go

  • find the words that say what you mean

  • notice what people aren't saying

  • don't let fear determine your actions

  • identify and isolate teachable concepts

  • connect new skills to preexisting neural pathways

  • help students build understanding

  • support mastery and retention

  • teach actively no matter what instructional method you use

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