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Contact me
to schedule
a session for 2 to 3 people

What you need to bring: a notebook, kindness, and a little courage - wear something comfortable

What you can expect: guidance, respect, and permission - intolerance

will not be tolerated

These sessions take place in my home,

at my table in the Old North End of Burlington, VT (address upon registration).

Cinse is a poet, non-fiction writer, former professor of Creativity & Conceptual Development, awareness guide, creative consultant, and pedagogy specialist. She has a background in Education & the Psychology of Human Learning.

The Self Motivation Activation workshop... guides you
to uncover how current habits help and hinder your desired forward motion. Learn to become aware of who actually holds the sticks and the carrots in your life (and how to notice the clover). Also discover whether you are in a monogamous or dual relationship with the fear of failure and success.

The Big Lie workshop… guides you to discover the biggest lie you tell yourself about yourself. (I assure you someone else started it.) Learn where this lie came from, what it invites you to do, and how those choices affect your life. Begin to craft your own authentic, foundational truth to use instead.  

*****Participant Comment from The Big Lie*****

"This afternoon's conversations were life changing, shining light on some darkness in my heart and mind, opening up a passage to liberty and possibility, providing a map of the maze I was trapped in for a long, long time.” -H-

These sessions are not therapy. They are awareness trainings based on how we as humans learn and make choices in our lives.

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